We're collecting a shared view on what Hybrid Collaboration looks like in the community. We kicked this off with Butter too! Feel free to send ideas to @rosschapman

Workspace not Workplace 🏢

We are working Hybrid.  That means that it is up to the individual on how they want to show up for work, whether that’s in-person, or on a device.

Focus 🧘‍♀️

Work is measured through what we do, not where we do it. Environment does have an impact of course, but we know that especially in remote, focus is key.

We don't like rules, but focus is important to finish tasks. You are the boss of your agenda and you are in charge of when you can be disturbed and when you can't.

Working practices 💪

Workshops 🎨

Lunch guidance 🌮

Look after yourself!

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