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Remote Sprinters is a community to help inspire and help modern-day change makers everywhere to do more successful work in a more human way.

Individuals from these great companies are part of our community:

“I am thankful for the great people in my network connecting me to some amazing folk in the industry.”

Merryn, London

“I’m thankful, for having contributed and making a difference.”

Afzul, Sandton

Common Questions

What is this?
Remote Sprinters is for facilitators and strategists everywhere that aims to inspire and help modern-day change makers to do more successful work and better, and in a more responsible way.
How does it work?
We share articles, run events and build a practice of sharing remote work knowledge and techniques.
How do I participate?
Subscribe to the newsletter to get notified on new content, webinars and opportunities. Also, join our Slack group for further conversation within the community.
Who organises this?
That would be Ross Chapman.